Virus Infections

My home PC is infested with viruses. The quick way to get rid of them is to reinstall Windows from scratch. However I am studying these critters to gain knowledge on viruses in general.

Every so often, my system tray has an icon that says my computer is infected. It asks that I click the icon to disinfect. Clicking it take my browser to some rogue web page where they try to get me to buy antivirus software.

LOL. Yeah right. I am not going to pay the guys that actually came up with the virus. How stupid do you think I am? A quick check to the Task Manager shows a "braviax.exe" process running. When I kill the process, the icon goes away. This is the culprit. I find a copy of the file in the C:\Windows folder. So I delete the file and pat myself on the back.

Here is the first trick. When I reboot, the problem comes back. The "briaviax.exe" file comes right back. I run msconfig and find that file it set to run on Startup. How did the file get back there? A little research and I find that there is another copy in C:\Windows\System32. That's actually smart. You have to eradicate both locations.

My system is still full of viruses. Let's try to get rid of them. Then we can find out how modern day PC viruses operate. This is good stuff.