Password Recovery

If you wanted to get into somebody else's e-mail, you would think there would be some software that could do it for you. Right? I did a little searching and found a program called the "Password Recovery Toolkit". That sounded real promising. It is distributed by AccessData. The marketing hype on their web site did not help me understand what exactly this software did.

I dug a little deeper into this program offering. In fact, I read a lot of the user manual which is available online. The installation requires a runtime called CodeMeter to be installed on your computer. However the AccessData site gives you instructions on how to bypass this restriction. They get you to hack your Windows registry. Sounds like my kind of company.

The buzzwords for this program sound right. Its job is to "recover passwords quickly and easily". Sign me up. However reading further I found that this product is targeted for law enforcement professionals, or maybe security professionals. That doesn't sound like me. I am just looking for how I can crack some arbitrary email account password. The more I read, the more I got the feeling that this product is for somebody who used a password when encrypting a file on their machine, and then forgot that password.

I am trying to download an evaluation copy of the Password Recovery Toolkit. However it is taking forever. It is still only 55% complete. And I fear that the software might require the use of a dongle. You know. That is some hardware key you have to plug into your computer so that you do not illegally copy and use the software. Bummer. I wanted to try an evaluation copy. I will give you an update if I ever get this software to download and run.