Hacking Gmail

It was getting late. I was supposed to be studying for a college test we are taking tomorrow. But I just could not get in the mood. So I decided to waste my time reading Reddit. I like checking the links in the programming section. That is where I came across an interesting link to a post about scripting Gmail.

The author of an article showed some tricks on how to script Gmail. For example, he wrote a small script to create a page with links to all your unread Gmail mail. This guy seems to have some handy skills with Gmail. But here is the kicker. Almost all the comments on his page were requests for help on hacking e-mail accounts.

This poor guy just has some scripting skills in the Gmail environment. He can't hack anybody's account to get their password. But the response to his article has been a multitude of requests for assistance hacking some accounts. I am going to invite each of these posters to come read my blog. If you are one of the people I have personally invited, then welcome.