Remote Desktop by LogMeIn

Right now I am starting to research solutions that provide a remote desktop style functionality. You are off somewhere in the world. And you need to take control of a computer somewhere else. What tool(s) do you use? One such solution is provided by LogMeIn.

LogMeIn is a company founded in 2003. It was previously named 3am Labs. They have a lot of offerings, one of which gives you access to remote computers. They use a proprietary protocol to do remote desktop. The communications run on SSL over TCP/UDP. The computers involved get SSL certificates. You can control computers remotely with their software program or via a web interface.

The LogMeIn solution is a commercial one. LogMeIn is a publicly traded company. They filed for an IPO back in 2009 and are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. They are located in Boston, MA. However the have data centers across the USA plus another one in Europe. the company is big. They did $1B of revenue this past year. The company is worth $5B.

The company initially tried to undercut Citrix's solution. But last year they actually merged with Citrix Online. They do a lot more than just remote desktop. They have software for backups and virtual meetings. They provide support and service (VPN). One of their new toys is a Platform as a Service for the Internet of Things. How is that for a buzzword-filled offering?

I wish I could just give LogMeIn a test drive. Maybe there is an option to check out their solution without having to shell out some big bucks. Next up I want to look into competitors in remote desktop such as GoToMyPC and GoToAccess.