Janus VM

I continue to research products that help protect your Internet activity. Next up is Janus VM. This one is not as much a newly developed product from scratch. It is a bundling of some other existing products. In fact, it is an open source VMware image. It is built on top of Linux 2.6.14 (Ubuntu). The image contains products such as TOR plus OpenVPN plus Squid plus Privoxy. TOR will hide your IP address and route your traffic anonymous through the TOR network. Squid/Privoxy filters out stuff that might be going in and out of your computer.

Janus VM can help protect you when you must use an unsecure WiFi connection. It can also protect you against man in the middle attacks. Then you can surf the Internet privately. A nice thing about it is that it is easy to setup on Windows platforms. It prevents all kinds of annoyances like advertisements, banners, and popups. Originally it was released to work on Windows XP/2000/2003 as well as Linux.

Since it relies on TOR, your IP address will be masked. Your TCP traffic gets encrypted. Also DNS requests will be encrypted. Unfortunately other protocols such as UDP and ICMP are not. another downside is that development on the product ceased in 2010. TOR has since been updated, but the latest versions of TOR are not incorporated into Janus VM.

You need a Virtual Machine to use Janus VM. The install file is 20MB large. On Windows, you can run a batch file to set it up. You should choose the anonymous privacy configuration. The product is free but they ask for a donation. It is not necessarily fast. But it might help you get past firewalls that block traffic to certain sites. Some competing products are Whonix and Qubes.