Copying Keys

Schlage is one of the most common lock manufacturers in the USA. However the experts say they are not the most secure. Some simple techniques can be used to get past such locks if you know a few things.

You can make an impression of an existing key very quickly. Talking about a few minutes here. This works for all but high security locks. Put the working key in some putty. Makes a three dimensional impression. Let it harden and you are good to go for cutting a copy.

So if you lose access to your keys for even a short time, you are as good as owned. This is true even for secure locks. And you just don't have to lose physical possession of your key. Someone can take a picture of the key and clone it. Experts can just look at your key and figure out how to replicate it.

If you are trying to dup a key, you should try a couple different combinations. One of them is bound to work if you have a little skill. You can take advantage of the possible layouts of keys.

If you cannot take possession of a key, you can use long range photography to get the 411. Software now can even take into account the rotation of a key in a picture.