Lock Ownage

I watched a video from DefCon 18 on key attacks. Talking about phyiscal keys that open locks. Learned a whole lot in about an hour. Wish I was there in person. Took a couple pages worth of notes. Will record the highlights in the next few posts so I can keep this info around.

It might sound simple. But the best way to attack a lock is to get ahold of a key that works in it. If you possess the key, even for a short time, you can duplicate it in general. The key tells you all kinds of good stuff about the lock.

You can inspect the cuts made in the key. You can pretty much figure out the type of lock that it fits. Sometimes the actual model number of the lock is stamped on the key. You can measure the depth of the key cuts using tools such as a micrometer, a gauge, or caliper.

Information on locks is not hidden or made obscure. It is out there in the general public. Not too safe. Even the standard sizes of key cuts for all kinds of locks is freely available. Not good if you are truck to deter lock picks.