Spammer Pwned

I had a weird spam message in my email today. The spammer made it look like the email came from one of my other email accounts. I sometimes send myself email to transfer stuff quickly between machines. This spammer must have determined my email address and forged it to fool me. This reminds me of a situation that Mike from Attack Vector ran into. His solution was to track down and call out the spammer.

Mike checks out the email headers. He gets the spammer IP and email address. He uses whois to get a phone number. Then he finds a postal address and bamn. He can now spy on the spammer's house with Google Maps. Turns out the spammer is Steve Nicholas of Spokane, WA. Mike goes on to determine the spammer's wife name, some social security numbers, and all kinds of other private info. Eventually the spammer contacts Mike and begs him to take down the info. What an unlucky day to send email spam. Hehe.