Spammers Revenge

Recently I discovered a Security and Risk site. There were some nice articles there. I read one column that talked about the scams that are sent via spam email. The latest one was somebody claiming to be from a bank, and needed the reader’s account information. The spam advised the reader to contact the spammer, not their own bank. The author of this piece questioned who would be gullible enough to believe this nonsense.

The real gems from this site were contained in the user comments. One commenter said he received a doctored up VISA card picture in an email from a spammer. The person decided to entertain the spammer and contacted them. They said that they could not clearly read the information on the card. They requested that the spammer FAX and enlarged copy to a certain FAX number. The punch line was that they provided the FAX number of the local FBI office. Ownage.

I can confess that I have never responded to any of the spam sent to my many email addresses. The fact of the matter is that I just do not have time to deal with it. It all gets deleted. I like some free email accounts that filter out the spam into a junk email folder. However it might be educational to actually respond to these jokers. I might generate some funny stories of my own here.