Comcast Newgroups

I got an e-mail from Comcast, which is my Internet service provider. They are dropping the availability of USENET newsgroups. I will have to arrange for newsgroups myself if I want access to them. In other words, I may have to pay a separate extra fee for this privilege.

Comcast stated that newsgroups popularity has declined. However they did admit that there are customers who do still use newsgroups. I myself do not use them as often. But I still read a couple newsgroups occasionally. I think what Comcast is saying is that they do not want to pay for this newsgroups service.

So I am getting a decrease in the services that are being provided by Comcast. This comes on the heels of another e-mail from Comcast that stated they were going to cap total bandwidth for users. The icing on the cake was that I also got a letter from Comcast. They are raising my rates.

This is a double jeopardy that Comcast is putting on me. They are raising the rates and reducing the services. On the surface this may be good for their bottom line. However it is irking customers such as me. I guess the only way for me to respond so that Comcast notices is for me to walk.

Yes I can go with Verizon FIOS. However they probably have the same greedy policies. In some markets, you just can’t win. Time to look for a pay raise to deal with this nonsense.