SiteScan Version 1.1 Release

I have uploaded SiteScan version 1.1 to my file server. This version fixes the bug in which the program did not look for multiple URLs per line of text. Previously when I ran SiteScan, providing a Home Page of MSN resulted in little to no URLs. Now the updated version zooms through MSN and grabs all the links on the page. Most of the content on the main MSN page points to other domains. So SiteScan mainly crawls just the MSN main page.

Now that I have this major bug fixed in SiteScan, it is time for me to join SiteScan code with some newer ideas into a new mega program. Not sure what the name of this program will be. But it should allow you to simulate traffic to all pages of your web site. This mega app could have all kinds of interesting uses - legit and otherwise. For example you could check the performance of your web server. Or if you needed to test your page view counters, you could leave this app run all day and "go to town".

All the code is here for me to put this mega app together. I just need to sit down and do it.