Indexed by Google

I started this blog a few days ago. One of the goals I had was to get the blog indexed by Google as quickly as possible. It appears that this goal has been met. A little over 2 days after the blog was created, it got indexed by Google. I can now do searches and find my blog showing up in the Google Search results.
There were a few key elements to immediately getting my blog indexed by Google:
  1. I added links to the blog on every page of my main web site
  2. I created a new post in all my major blogs, linking to my new blog
  3. I submitted my blog URL to many web directories that have high Page Rank

Now let's see if I can keep up the good work. I really want the Google bot to keep coming back and indexing the new content I add to the blog. I might continue to add my blog URL to other web directories with lesser page rank. However I believe what I really need to do is to continue to generate unique, interesting, and frequency new content for the blog.

I do have a number of other programs which are already complete, but have little to do with black hat activities. Maybe I will post one or two of them here. Perhaps I can modify them slightly to show some interesting programming techniques. Either way I shall also continue to generate new ideas and write and release programs here for your use. For now they shall all be free of charge. Enjoy.