DeepScan Being Coded

I have good news. Currently I am working on coding up my DeepScan program. As mentioned before, this program shall combine the features of my SiteScan program with a lot of new ideas. See the screen shot to the left. As you can see, the user interface is just about complete.

The coding behind the screens should not be too difficult. I just need to strip out the relevant code from my SiteScan program. Then I need to integrate that code into my new program. In a nutshell, DeepScan will allow you to (1) extract all the links from your web site, then (2) have the program navigate to each of these links as long as you want. I envision this to someday do things like detect broken links on your web site. Or it may eventually also perform site analysis.

I have not been able to knock out this app quickly because my day job is ending in less than two weeks. Therefore I am scrambling to find a new job. At first I thought I would just roll to another project hosted by my company. But that move looks like it is in jeopardy now. Luckily a buddy of mine is trying to get me to join his company. And the higher ups in his company look like they are in agreement. For now I will keep my fingers crossed. I may be a black hatter. But I still got bills to pay.