Trouble on the LAN

I got a wireless network running at home. Got a lot of devices on it including a few printers. Recently I found that I could not print to any of our printers. Then I dug further and found I could not access any computers on the network. WTF?

The really weird thing was that I could access the Internet fine. What happened recently? Got a new wireless router that I plugged directly into to configure. Also took my computer to another location and tried to connect to the wireless network there. These things should not have messed me up.

I could not for the life of me figure out what the hell was going on. I contemplated restoring my system back to the factory settings and moving on from there. But I got all kinds of programs installed. So I took a chance to restore the system back to a recent restore point.

I recalled when I last knew the machine was working. Restored Windows back to that point. Bamn. The printing is working now. Got to check any other system changes I made. But I should be good to go. I still rely on printing out stuff. Did not know how much so until I could no longer print.