Bureau of Prisons

Recently I went to the bookstore to do a little Christmas shopping. In the corner of the magazine section I spotted a stack of 2600 magazines. Ahh I remember reading those diligently in the past. They have such a good feel to them. I bought a copy and am half way through the thing. I need to actively pace myself so I don't read it cover to cover in one sitting.

So far the most interesting article was on the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The author describes the hoops inmates need to jump through to get computer access. They need to pay for it. Pay for the time. Pay for each page printed. You cannot email anyone directly in prison. You must go through a proxy where your correspondence is monitored and approved on an email by email basis.

Of course the author described some of the details of the systems used to provide net access to prisoners. LOL. Looks like he found a few holes to avoid payment and/or censoring. He had better be careful. I think he gets released soon. No need to further delay his release for something small such as hacking the printer.

This perspective helps me realize how lucky we have it. I often grumble about having to change the printer paper or toner. Or I need to occasionally reboot the wireless router to get back on the Internet. If you are in prison, you got to do a lot to be able to get even restricted access to the net.