No Internet Connection

One of my boyz could not get onto the Internet. The thing found my wireless router. Windows kept saying there was no Internet Access. What the heck? I tried to add the computer to my home network. No luck. This thing would not get on the Internet. I was getting desperate.

Personally I blame Microsoft. But Microsoft somewhere game me a clue. It said that McAfee was providing firewall services. Perhaps that was to blame. I fired up msconfig. There was a whole lot of McAfee services and startup items up in there. I disabled all of them. Then I rebooted the computer.

Boom. The computer was browsing the Internet with ease. I was able to set up and print to my local printer. Damn you McAfee. The thing might be trying to prevent some problems. It is the problem. Fail. I might have to write a program that disables all the McAfee stuff itself. I will call this prog "Cleaner" hehe.