Difuze by Rrola

The hacker who goes by the handle Rrola has done it again. He produced a 256 byte intro called Difuze. We are not talking about 256 kilobytes of code here. It is just 256 bytes. This blog post is is probably a lot more than 256 bytes.

I found this gem while reading Reddit. The thing runs in DOS. It has a lot of interesting graphics, with music to boot. The easiest way to experience this program is to watch the YouTube video of it.

So how did Rrola pack such a brilliant changing graphics display in just 256 bytes? He has a set of partial differential equations that govern how the graphics should look. They are rules referred to as the Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion. Thus the name Difuze.

The reason these graphics are cool is because they simulate 2 chemicals interacting with each other. The system also adds back the chemicals as they are consumed. It is like something that occurs in nature. Great stuff. I salute you Rrola. Keep em coming.