Browser Tab Speedup

I read about a tech dude who opens a lot of tabs in his browser. He then keeps them open for days. The only problem is that this causes lots of performance problems in his system. He had an inexpensive computer. So he decided to build one on his own to support his strange browsing habit.

Dude's parts came out to $1300. That's a lot of dough for a PC. He spent a lot on a solid state disk drive. It is supposed to be very fast. He figure that Windows uses the drive for virtual memory. So it must be ultra fast. He is very pleased with the performance of the beast. He also got a lot of the latest ran. He sprung for a top of the line CPU.

A lot of people commented that the guy could have switched to using bookmarks instead of tabs. The dude wanted fast access to the data. Another reader thought he could save the web pages off to disk for immediate recall. That still did not sit well with the dude. I thought I opened a lot of tabs. But heck, this guy takes the prize. I guess he did the right thing as long as he is happy. Personally I don't got $1300 to spend on mega browser tabs.