Windows Optimization

How do you make a Windows machine run fast? There are a couple themes. One is to ensure that unnecessary programs are not running. Another is to make sure the system is optimized.

If you have spyware running on your system, it might slow it down. Run a spyware removal program like AdAware.

When Windows starts up, it runs a number of programs that you have configured as startup items. Execute msconfig from the Windows command prompt. Then uncheck any startup programs that you don't want to run. This will get your system faster in booting and running.

Another way to prevent spyware or bloatware from running on startup is to uninstall the stuff. Go to Add/Remove programs from your Control Panel. Get rid of anything you don't use. The uninstall will normally take the items out of the startup path.

Then there are some system optimization tricks you can try. Defragment your hard disk(s). Turn off indexing on your hard drive. Get programs out of your system tray. All the items I mentioned so far could increase your performance significantly. Maybe I will do one more post with some very special techniques.