Zero For Owned

All right peeps. I know I have not been posting much recently. Time to make up for the loss. I have been super busy at work. Crazy deadlines and not enough resources. That's the life of a programmer.

Today I came across a zine called "Zero For Owned". Apparently these dudes target high profile security professionals and hack their sites. Then they show logs of the hacking activity. To tell the truth, I am not that interested in their hacking. I just love their commentary.

The latest issue of the zine is ZF05. They go after Kevin Mitnick. I quote ZF05 as stating, "You can move your box anywhere Kevin, we'll find you and own you." Their take is that blames his host for the hackage he endures. Ha ha.

ZF05 seems to really hate Dan Kaminsky. They label him a script kiddie and a noob. Their attack uncovered a lot of Dan's emails. You may recall that he came out with a press release about DNS poisoning about a year ago. That's when they set their sites on Dan.

I tell you. These guys at ZF05 are hilarious. They recommend that some guy "Go up to the mountains and train under a Shaolin monk in the art of hax". On a serious note, they close out this issue of their zine by telling peeps to learn to code really well. That is sound advice.

Reading this issue of Zero For Owned gave me an idea for a program. Their zine is filled with huge logs of hacking. I just want to read their commentary. Perhaps I will write a program to strip out all the hack loggage and just get to the good stuff. To make this experiment educational, I shall try my hand at coding it in Java.