Stallman on Copyright

I have been reading some blog entries recently portraying Richard Stallman in a negative light. And they have been pretty much successful. Take a look at the guy. Then read some of the first hand evidence of his personality. You can draw the conclusion that the guy is nuts.

But today I read one of his essays on Misinterpreting Copyright. Wow. The thing blew me away. That was some serious critical thinking and analysis of the history of copyright from the United States Constitution. It made me rethink some of the copyright ideas that I assumed were the truth, which may have been planted in my head by big business (e.g. book publishers).

The jury is still out on Richard Stallman. I bet he is a tough guy to get along with. Now I have never met the man. But the stories about him are too specific to overlook. But who cares. Maybe the guy is nuts or is a dick. From reading one of his essays, I was able to determine that the guy has the ability to think clearly and communicate effectively. Even if somebody is crazy, that does not mean that everything they say is without merit. Maybe this rms dude deserves a second look. I highly advise you to take a look at the copyright essay I read. You will be enlightened.