The Return of Click

I needed to up the page view count of some new pages I put up. It did not matter whether these were legitimate page views. All I wanted was it to appear like the pages were viewed a lot of times. To do this I pulled out an old program I had written called Click.

So what happened? Things were going fine for the first 250 visits to my web site. Then Google redirected me to another page, preventing my page view count from increasing. It seems Google had blocked me. They said that my query looked similar to automated requests. Duh. They were automated.

Google did not always enforce non-automation. This must be some new defense against the Black Arts. I tried to delete my cookies. Still blocked. Then I deleted all cached info in my browser. No luck. I even tried switching to another browser. Google still would not let me view the pages I had automatically visited.

As a last resort, I went to a web proxy site. From there I was able to view my web pages. What's a programmer to do? I need to code web proxy use into my program. That's what. When I am done, I will release my program here. Perhaps we shall call this The Return of Click. See you soon.