Pause in Coding

I thought I would write a post to say that I know I have not been posting many new programs here lately. My day job is killing me. Pretty much I was going strong producing good results at work. My reward was that I got a second task that requires as much time as my primary one. This just does not add up.

There are multiple problems at work. One is that things are a bit disorganized. That’s ok when I have some slack time in my schedule. But now I am filled to the brim and it is causing me some pain. Another team keeps needed me to join their meetings. That causes a severe drop in productivity.

So now I am falling behind on my main job. And I am not even working the second task I got handed. After working in this crazy environment all week, I do not have any energy left to write some new cool progs for Black of Hat. However I still have a lot of ideas. And if I can get out of this crazy work schedule, I can go back to doing that which I love.

Here is a taste of a new idea I started coding up, but had little or no time to follow through on. I want to code a robot which writes blog posts quickly. This is talking about posts just like the ones I write here, complete with images. At first I looked into using a Google API directly to communicate with Google from the problem. That would have been the easiest. However Google looks like it has no way to automate posting images.

I am left with coding up a sort of screen scraper. My robot will trick the browser into thinking it is a regular user. That is hard to code. But it is the safest way to make sure things work. After I resolve how my program interacts with the browser like a human, I will dive into the artificial intelligence required for the robot to write coherent sentences like any real blogger would. Does that sound like a tight program or what?