FreeHackers Union

Every once in a while I read Zed Shaw’s blog. This guy comes off as a bad ass. Recently he lashed out against the suits that have, according to Zed, destroyed the software business. So he decided to form the FreeHackers Union (FU). It was initially supposed to be a bunch of real developers in New York City sharing the new projects they are working on. However this movement seems to have caught on. At least that is what Zed is saying in his blogs. I find this interesting as Zed reports that there is a chapter of the FU forming up in my local area. It might be something worthwhile to check out.

The FU rules sound a little like Fight Club. You have to earn the right to be a member of FU. The way you do that is you attend your first meeting, where you will be forced to “perform” for 5 minutes. During this time you must share what new projects you are working on. If you get gonged during those 5 minutes, you cannot join the club. You can try again during the next meeting.

This FU revolution is a backlash to the business types that have infiltrated the hacker scene and are bringing the whole thing down. The 3 themes of the FU are art, wires, and code. Personally the code appeals to me. I imagine most of the other members are also coders. Groups are apparently forming all over the world. Let’s hope this is not some sort of hoax. Judging from Zed’s character, I would think it is not.

You never know. This could actually be the start of something big. The FU plans to video tape each of its gatherings. Maybe some day I will tell the newbies that I was there when they formed the FU. Who knows?