Hackers Take Over Car Remotely

Just read an interesting Wired article on some hackers that know how to take over a Jeep Cherokee. They found some vulnerability in the Jeep's Internet access that let's them control the car and do bad things. See how Andy Greenberg got into a panic when he lost control of his Jeep.

And its not just the Jeep Cherokee. Some Cadillac and Infinity vehicles are at risk as well. The guys that found the loophole shared the info with the manufacturers. But they are also going to present their findings to the public (without the low level code to hack the car chipsets).

The uproar in the comments of the article is that they hacked a Jeep that was cruising down the highway. Can you say dangerous? The real danger is that your own car might get taken over in the future. I think I will keep my old Chevy 1991 pickup truck. No computers in there to take over.