I was going to write a post about passwords being hacked. As I tried to log into my Blogger account, I found that somebody changed my password on me. The irony! Luckily I had set up some methods to recover my account. Whew. Who know what was going on with my account.

I do software development for my company. Not involved in security for my firm. We somehow got our systems hacked. What was the response? Now we need to change our passwords frequently. Oh snap. Security fail. It is almost comical.

There was a cool service set up by some security folks. This is the PwnedList. They collect email addresses that have been compromised by hackers. Those addresses are fed into their databases. You can easily look up whether your own email has been hacked on their site.

Strangely enough, my own email was not listed as compromised. That just means nobody included my email and password in some data dump online. Good to know,.