Demoscene Alive and Well

I have been watching videos of some 2012 demoscene entries. A lot of them were great. However two of them really stole the show. In fact, they won their respective contests. These are 64kb entries. That is, the code fits in 64kb of memory. They do a lot with a little.

First up is Proton-K by Kewlers. They got a rocket flying out in outer space. The beginning could be a scene right out of Star Wars. I like how the camera rotates around the rocket, causing the light from the sun to be briefly eclipsed. There are some neat effects on the rocket's surface as some weird energy light balls pass through the rocket.

Next up is Gaia Machina by Approximate. I love the scene where the wind blows on the windmill and grass. Hot graphics to say the least. Some weird alien looking legs move through the nature scene. Then just when you thought you had seen it all, the strawberries light up. Freaky good.

Sometimes when I am creating an intro scene for one of my apps, I feel like I am a demoscene participant. I got to make a lot happen in a small amount of time with little code.