Pervert Hackers

I keep reading about this hacker dude who was able to spy on girls' video cameras. He somehow found a way to take over their computers and turn their web video cameras on. The bad boy caught girls stripping and pleasuring themselves and all kind of other goodies.

The cops got onto the perp when he started blackmailing his victims. He tried to get them to make sex videos for him or something. WTF? Dude should have just got his jollies spying the girls. He even said he was onto a new hack that would enable the video camera without the camera light coming on.

Instead the feds busted in and nabbed the guy with all his computer equipment. Turns out the dude was a victim of a drive by and ended up in a wheelchair. Didn't matter. The judge thew the book at him. Scum gotta pay, disabled or not.