Anonymous was not Really Anonymous

I saw an interesting article on Arstechnica about the FBI raiding people in the Anonymous group. However the real gem was all the reader comments on the post.

Here is what went down. In the USA, the FBI raided the houses of a number of members in the group called Anonymous. They must have been a part of a recent DDOS attack, and used their own computers in their houses. In other words, they got tracked down.

Anonymous says they launched the DDOS as a method of protest. They used the low orbit ion cannon app to blast some web sites. Well if you are going to protest, you got to be ready for the cops to round you up and cuff you.

People are calling the Anonymous DDOS team a bunch of script kiddies. Whatever they are, it looks like the FBI literally was busting down their doors. Couldn't these so called hackers have used some unsecure WiFi that belonged to someone else?

Nope. It looked like they downloaded "loic.exe" onto their own computers and ran it. The thing that is strange is that the FBI usually does not kick down doors when following up on white collar crime like DDOS attacks. Perhaps the Anonymous crew was exaggerating a bit.