Bottled Water Debate

I am starting to hear some rumblings from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They are a non-profit organization. Their goal is to advocate the government to assist in figure out what the heck goes into bottled water. They achieve this means by doing research on the subject.

Here is what the EWG has to say. By all means drink a bunch of water. But avoid bottled water. The contents of public drinking water is well documented. Use the correct filters (e.g. carbon or reverse osmosis). They also recommend you use a safe water container.

EWG also has a 2011 report on their findings for pretty much all the bottled water distributors. They complain that most of these companies keep secret the contents of the water they distribute. EWG wants the EPA to start cracking down on these water bottlers to disclose the contents of their water.

All of this sounds like big business. Bottled water is probably a huge dollar industry. I am not exactly sure what to think about the EWG. Usually there is some underlying motive in groups such as this.