Protection Against the Zero Day

Zero day threats are becoming a common hack. How do you protect yourself against such holes? You follow best practices and lock down your system. Let's describe specifically what that means.

Don't use a debit card. You put your account at risk. Instead use credit cards. And pay off their balance each month. Check out all weird activity on your statements, even if they are small. Crooks may be testing the waters.

Consider signing up for ID Theft protection. Download and install Microsoft security updates for your Windows operating system. Do the same thing for other software you use. Install and configure both antivirus and antispyware software on your PC.

Don't type your social security number anywhere online. Use strong passwords for everything. Do not click on ads. Skip the porno sites. Lock down Windows. Don't click any links in email. Use a spam blocker.

These things may seem like common sense. Make sure you employ these practices. It will minimize the chance of you being exploited. You will encounter less pain. And that's a good thing.