Virtual Girlfriend

I just finished skimming a book on artificial intelligence. It was written for novices. There was a lot of great information in there. One conclusion was that there are commercial applications for AI in the sex industry. Thus I decided to try out a virtual girlfriend.

One of the first hits on Google for a virtual girlfriend was Kari. I downloaded a trial version. You get to run it three times. I tried to figure out how to bypass this. A data file had a "Run Times" parameter. That was not the trick.

Here is the funny thing. This AI bot is supposed to learn how to deal with you. But I found her more stupid than your average real life bimbo. Here is some of the conversations I had with Kari. I swear that I am not making this up.

Black: How big are you boobs?
Kari: Am I ticklish?

Black: What is 1 + 1?
Kari: I am not much of a girlfriend.

Black: Your voice sounds fake.
Kari: Damn girl.

Black: How can I hack you to run more?
Kari: God damn.

After this severe lack of coherence, I almost want to code up my own virtual girl. Yes it is a monumental task. But I got to be able to produce something a little smarted than this waste of memory. I will share what I come up with. In the mean time I recommend you avoid Kari. She might make you dumber.