Inflating Page Views

My profile on the Blogger platform shows how many times somebody has viewed the profile. This is something of a bragging point if you have a lot of views. Being a programmer, I figured I would just write a program to "visit" the profile many times.

At first I had some success. My program spawned Internet Explorer and navigated to the URL for my profile. It waited, killed Internet Explorer, and started again. However Google must have figured out what was going on. The view count capped out around 1000.

I thought perhaps the blocking had something to do with how frequently my program visited the profile. So I tried delaying the visit to be about 5 minutes apart. That did not help. Now my view counts are getting capped around 100 to 300. Do you think Google has logged my IP address as a script generator or something? I can only try some more tests to figure this out. The logical next step might be to use web proxies to hide my IP from Google.