Dictionary List

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am planning on writing a program that cracks some encrypted code. This is a challenge posed by the FBI. To do this, I need to compare possible decrypted data with English words to see if the result is jibberish or not. My problem was that I could not find a simple file full of dicionary words.

Many free words lists come in some strange format that gives you a whole lot more information than just the words. Other words lists are divided up into many files. I just wanted a simple word list. So I wrote a program which processes a complex dictionary down to a single work list.

Now that I have done the work for this preprocessing program, I am ready to share the results with you. I am sure people can make good use of a English word list file. Here is my Dictionary for your use. It has been zipped up with WinZip. This file has over 53,000 words in it. Enjoy.