Lame Marketing

I recently started a new job. So I have been very busy lately. When I come home, I have to do more work using my company laptop. So there does not seem to be much time to write up any kewl apps or fix bugs in the ones I already released. Hopefully this is just a temporary setback until things calm down at work.

So after working hard all day, and coming home for some more work, I decided to read some magazines. One magazine was one on music called Spin. It had an advertisement near the end of the issue from an antivirus software company. I think the company was AVG. They were hyping their latest antivirus software release.

Here was the premise. AVG said their software was so good, it was putting hackers out of business. So they asked Spin readers to give a hacker a hug. Apparently there is a web site where AVG furthers this movement. I tried to do a search on the web site. But I could not find nor remember the URL. What kind of nonsense is this? AVG needs to make $$$ selling its software. This I understand. But let's not get out of hand. I don't think I had even heard of this company before I read their ad. I would not put it past some hard core people to pull some pranks on the AVG website. I am just waiting for it to say something like "AVG-got-pwned". LOL.

I do have to hand it to the AVG PR people. They got me to pay attention to their ad. Moreover they got me to write a post about it. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids.